Last Modified: 01-January-2021

Please note that I can no longer provide user support for JMapMyLDAP due to time restraints. If you are interested in providing official support for JMapMyLDAP then please contact me.
However I will reply/fix real bug reports on Github, add new features and provide new stable releases when required.

You can contact me on any of the following:

Please keep in mind that I work a full time job outside of this website, so don't expect a instant response :)

Joomla! Extension related

If you have a problem setting up any of the Joomla! extensions, where possible use the public Joomla! forum thread which may help other people

Also, please feel free to contact me if you find (or have written) any guides, extensions or even forks relating to this project. I would be happy to publish them in the links section.