Setting up HTTP SSO

Last Modified: 20-February-2012

HTTP SSO is a basic type of single sign on and is currently the only supported option within the project.

You must ensure that HTTP authentication is setup correctly on your web server before trying to use it within Joomla. To check this, ensure either AUTH_USER or REMOTE_USER is defined somewhere in your phpinfo (J! Backend->Site->System Information->PHP Information). If they are not present then you must configure the web server to use it. The following examples are some popular configurations:

  • If you're using AD and Apache on Linux then you could use Kerberos to authenticate. This guide is a very good resource to get it setup.
  • If you're using AD and Apache on Windows then you could use SSPI to authenticate. More information on this can be found here. A guide for setting it up can be found here (remember that guide is for Moodle, so you will need to modify it slightly to work for Joomla).