Joomla 3.4 Issue [UPDATED]


UPDATED: Version has been released for download to address the Joomla 3.4 issue. Auto-updates will be pushed within 12 hours.

An issue with Joomla 3.4 was reported earlier today and a quick fix is now in testing for version 2.

To get the new package, head over to

The issue is curently being tracked at

A fix will also be published for Version 1 in the near future.

JMapMyLDAP 2.0.2 Released


Version 2.0.2 is the next stable release of JMapMyLDAP 2. New improvements in this release include:

  • Added the LDAPTLS_REQCERT flag to optionally bypass CA verification of LDAPS connections.
  • Use fsockopen in LDAP dashboard to determine if it can connect to an LDAP server on the port specified.

Bugs that have been squashed in 2.0.2 include:

  • New regex for LDAP name to fix the warning "Invalid field: Name" error.
  • Fixed default flag used with SSO behaviour (if this is not already set in the DB, it will use "always try").

Auto-updates to 2.0.2 will be enabled within the following week.

Please report any issues to the Github issues tracker.

JMapMyLDAP 2.0.1 Released


Version 2.0.1 marks the first stable release of JMapMyLDAP 2. There have been improvements and many bugs squashed since 2.0.0 RC1. Some of the new improvements include:

  • Extra logging in LDAP creation to help diagnose attribute value issues.
  • Implemented optional full debug using LDAP_OPT_DEBUG_LEVEL.
  • New unified method of applying updates using shautoupdater.

Bugs that have been squashed in 2.0.1 include:

  • Fixed missing LDAP operation errors.
  • Fixed issue where LDAP creation fails unless the LDAP profile plug-in was enabled.
  • Fixed many PHP warnings.
  • Fixed Javascript issue in Joomla 3.3 Beta 1.

Please report any issues to the Github issues tracker.

JMapMyLDAP 2.0 RC1 Released


After two years since the first stable release of JMapMyLDAP, the release candidate for version 2 is here. It brings many new requested features for Joomla! sites such as LDAP User Provisioning, Profiles, Password changing, multiple LDAP configurations and admin components for in-site debugging. The feature list is much bigger, so take a look at some of the documented features in the documentation contents.

There are new system requirements in version 2:

  • Joomla! 2.5.8+ or Joomla! Platform 12.1+
  • PHP 5.3.1+
  • Ideally a Linux based web host (this is what has been tested)

Upgrades from version 1 is not possible due to the vast number of changes. Sites should make a note of their current version 1 configuration then uninstall version 1 before installing version 2.

Instructions for version 2 can be found at Getting Started with Version 2.

This is a RC so there might be more bugs than a stable release. Please report issues to the Github issues tracker.

JMapMyLDAP 1.0.8 Released

Changes found in JMapMyLDAP 1.0.8 stable are:
  • NEW: Added eDirectory Add-on after successful tests (from JAuthTools)
  • BUG: Fixed JLog fatal errors in Joomla 3.x
  • Compatible with Joomla 3.1 Beta 2

Download LDAP ZIP Package | Download SSO ZIP Package

JMapMyLDAP 1.0.7 Released

Changes found in JMapMyLDAP 1.0.7 stable are:
  • BUG: Fixed compatibility for Joomla 3.0

Download LDAP ZIP Package | Download SSO ZIP Package

JMapMyLDAP 1.0.6 Released

Changes found in JMapMyLDAP 1.0.6 stable are:
  • NEW: A partial Welsh translation
  • BUG: Fixed support for Joomla 3.0 Alpha 1
  • BUG: Fixed MSSQL query for adding groups
  • Tested and compatible with Joomla 1.6.6, 1.7.5, 2.5.6 and 3.0.0a1

Download LDAP ZIP Package | Download SSO ZIP Package

JMapMyLDAP Progress Update


It has been a little over 7 months since the last release. So I will update the current progress of the project.

Version 1 has a Git repository at This has taken over the SVN repository hosted at JoomlaCode and now only Git will be updated. A maintenance release of 1.0.6 will be available within the coming week to address several issues (thanks to everyone on the forums and email for reporting these issues!).

The current progress of version 2 can be seen in the Git repository at This version was nearly released some months back, though I decided to re-write a chunk of it. This re-write includes a new mini platform that provides importing projects, autoloading and much improved Joomla! platform support. It also introduces automated unit testing which can be somewhat difficult to write tests for considering the vast number of LDAP vendors. Version 2 will be released with the following features:

  • Multiple LDAP server support (SQL and file based sources)
  • New logging with error IDs provided across the board
  • Component for Debugging and Configuration
  • Group mapping support (plug-in based)
  • Profile integration (plug-in based)
  • Cron script for on-demand sync of LDAP users
  • Joomla! 12.1 Platform support

Single Sign On (SSO) has also been re-written. SSO has been integrated into the mini platform and will be spun off into its own dedicated project called JSSOMySite. This project no longer relies on any LDAP libraries and can be installed without an LDAP configuration. Also, SSO plug-ins can return essential Joomla user fields such as e-mail and fullname to enable auto registration. The IP based SSO plug-in will be released within version 2 in addition to an updated HTTP plug-in. Changes to the HTTP plug-in include forcing HTTP authentication through HTTP-authenticate headers, and allowing fake e-mails to enable LDAP-less configuration.

Within the next few weeks, I will release a beta version 2. Please try it out and report any issues (or pull requests) with the release.