Managed Groups

Last Modified: 05-January-2012

A managed group means one that can be removed by the plugin. The default managed or unmanaged state for each group depends on the option specified in the 'Allow Removals' parameter. Any group can be overridden to an unmanaged state regardless of any parameters by specifying it in the 'Unmanaged Groups' parameter.

If by default all joomla groups are unmanaged, then by using the same example used in the group mapping list, the following groups would be managed:

  • Registered (this should be specified in the 'Unmanaged Groups')
  • Administrator
  • Students
  • Staff
  • SLT
  • IT Admins

This means that any of the above groups could be removed from a user if they don't meet one of the conditions of being in said group according to the 'Group Mapping List'. However, if joomla groups were managed by default then all the joomla groups would be managed excluding those specified under the 'Unmanaged Groups' list. This means that if any of the joomla groups don't meet the conditions of being in said group, the user would be removed from it.