LDAP Authentication Debug Method

Last Modified: 08-December-2013

JMapMyLDAP Version 1 doesn't contain any inbuilt method to debug authentication issues with instant feedback. Therefore, this standalone PHP file has been created to help speed up the process. Using this file should result in a faster set of working parameters for the authentication and user plug-ins. Furthermore, it will print out all PHP errors and LDAP user attributes.

PHP LDAP Debug Screenshot

Instructions: download the file and extract it to a PHP enabled web server. Run the PHP file through a web browser and populate the fields (use the guide to help). Click 'Show Results' to view the result.

Click here to download (Version 1.0.6 released 2012-10-31).

This file doesn't use the JMapMyLDAP libraries however, it should be accurate enough for the authentication plug-in. Also, don't forget to delete the file from your web server afterwards.